Sherlog : a detailed log analyzer

released by EuropeanServers under the GPL

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Sherlog analyzes the logs of your website, and sends you a report detailing every visit of the logfile, and summarizing the number of bookmarks, the most important referrers, and the most visited page of the period.

Sherlog is customizable : you can choose the numbers of referrers shown, which page to show in the list of most visited pages.

Sherlog is released under the GPL : you can use it, copy it freely and even sell it, but you're supposed to let your modifications freely available for everybody. You can read the GPL here

Sherlog is not a statistics generator like Webalizer. The aim of Sherlog is to provide you an easy view of your visitors route on your website, to allow you to understand why this page is so visited, and why that one isn't, and to correct it to make your website better.

Sherlog is extremely fast : it can analyze 30000 to 60000 lines of logs/second on an Athlon 1200, 256Mo DDR PC2100 or the half on a Via C3 800, 256Mo SDRAM PC 133. This means that if your log file counts 100000 lines, 80000 of them being excluded (by default, .gif, .jpg, .png, .css), sherlog will take 2 seconds with the first machine, 4 with the second one. The speed depends much more from the number of non-excluded lines than from the total number of lines, so don't hesitate to exclude uninteresting extensions.
This is the formula to estimate the speed of the analyze if your logs are huge:
Number of seconds = [ (number of logs lines) / 90000 + (number of non-excluded lines) / 16000 ] / performance factor
where the performance factor is 1 for my Athlon, 0.5 for my Via C3

Sherlog is multi-platorm compatible : it was only tested on Linux at the moment, but should work under Windows. Useable log formats are CLF ("Common Log Format"), and "Combined Log Format" (better)

You can download sherlog here :
Sherlog-1.2.tar.gz (7403 bytes, released on 2003-06-19)

Older versions :)
Sherlog-1.1.tar.gz (released on 2002-05-12)
Sherlog-1.0.tar.gz (released on 2002-02-18)
Sherlog-0.9.5.tar.gz (released on 2002-02-03)
Sherlog-0.9.tar.gz (released on 2002-01-25)
Sherlog-0.8.9.tar.gz (released on 2002-01-16)
Sherlog-0.8.1.tar.gz (released on 2002-01-15)
Sherlog-0.8.tar.gz (released on 2002-01-14)

Rated "3 Cows" by Tucows

This means that

  • The program will load and run properly.
  • The program is plain and simple in design.
  • The program must have a 7+ evaluation period or equivalent.
  • The program does exactly what it is designed to do.
  • The program has a small target audience.
  • The program has an internet purpose and is useful to the user.
  • The program expands the functionality of the operating system being used.
  • All ratings are subject to the Review Board's opinion.

Rated 8.28/10 on Freshmeat

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